Central American Jungle by virginia fleck

A Dimensional Mural for a Pediatric Waiting Room

Location: University Health System, Robert B. Green Campus, San Antonio, TX

Happy Wall Design created this floor-to-ceiling, jungle-themed Dimensional Mural for a small waiting room in a juvenile behavioral medicine clinic.  We re-purposed an existing bookcase and featured it in a visual narrative where jungle animals discover, read, and share books. Visit our Instagram for some amazing before and after images!

Party in the Park by virginia fleck

A Dimensional Mural for a Pediatric Floor

Location: University Health System Sky Tower, San Antonio, TX

Happy Wall design just installed this 32-foot-long, floor-to-ceiling Party in the Park mural in an open-concept waiting room that doubles as a play area for young patients who are experiencing lengthy hospital stays. The inspiration behind this mural is to bring the park indoors to spark humor and imaginative thinking.  In this narrative, the animals that typically live in a park, but are normally out of site, have emerged and are making their way to a birthday party.

This area is still under construction, so for now, we have a few cell phone snaps to share. More pictures coming soon.

Reflect and Resound by virginia fleck

Sensory Play Sculptures for a Daycare

Location: Austin Shelter for Women and Children, Austin, TX

Sometimes we make Happy Playgrounds! This project was in collaboration with Virginia Fleck Studio. Reflect and Resound are a pair of sensory play-house sculptures located at a women and children’s shelter. Reflect is a walk-in kaleidoscope that engages each child to discover their own reflection as a mandala. Resound is a sound-hood that invites children to make and listen for sounds from nearby child height jewel-flowers or listen for birdsong from the 10ft. jewel-flower that reaches up into the canopy of an oak tree. With Reflect and Resound, we made a place for children to create an extraordinary experience with their bodies through their own ordinary movements and sounds. (photo credit: Philip Rogers Photography)

FYI: Happy Wall Design makes Sensory Play Sculptures and Playhouses for indoor and outdoor environments that meet the unique criteria of healthcare/institutional settings.

Tree Whimsy by virginia fleck

Dimensional and Flat Murals for a New Pediatric Floor

Location: University Health System, Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit, San Antonio, TX

Tree Whimsy is a collection of related artworks that provides solace, beauty, and wayfinding for a newly constructed pediatric cardiac care unit. Happy Wall Design created Flat Murals for corridors, Dimensional Murals for a playroom and an entrance-wall, and coordinated, custom cut vinyl for a window with a problematic view. Our goal was to create a whimsical, thematic environment that would provide young patients and their families with a positive distraction during hospital stays. Check out our Instagram for more images.

BIG NEWS! Tree Whimsy has been included in the CODAawards top100, and as a top ten finalist in the Healthcare Category. The internationally acclaimed CODAawards celebrate the projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces.

Sea Turtle Greeting by virginia fleck

Wallpaper Mural for a Pediatric X-ray Room

Location: University Health System, Pediatric Emergency Department, San Antonio, TX

This x-ray room was beige and rather stark (visit our Instagram for the before and after pictures). Happy Wall Design created an immersive, calming environment with a floor-to-ceiling wallpaper mural. The large kindly sea turtle is placed at child-height for the benefit of young patients on the x-ray table. The dense underwater imagery is filled with hidden sea creatures for pediatric patients to discover.

Sea Creatures by virginia fleck

Dimensional Murals, Pop-Up Prints, and Signage for a Pediatric Clinic

Location: New Braunfels Pediatric Associates, PA, New Braunfels, TX

A newly constructed pediatric clinic asked Happy Wall Design to create a lighthearted, underwater, sea-creature theme throughout their clinic. We made large Dimensional Murals for their main and infant waiting rooms. The Dimensional Murals are filled with hidden creatures and colorful underwater imagery that encourages exploration. We added circular, sea-creature Pop-Up Prints and coordinated signage for their nine treatment rooms. On top of that, we really had fun with additional humorous signage for the restrooms along with wayfinding signage throughout the clinic.

Aquarium by virginia fleck

A 60 ft Dimensional Mural, Pop-Up Prints, and More for a Pediatric ER

Location: University Health System, Children's Emergency Department, San Antonio, TX

A newly renovated pediatric ER requested aquarium-themed art for their emergency department. We came up with a combination of Dimensional Murals and Pop-Up Prints and wallpaper that would create a positive distraction and a welcoming vibe for children and their families. The sea creatures in this Dimensional Mural are intentionally designed as friendly greeters. They have been placed at a special "child-height"  for young patients arriving by ambulance who are wheeled through this corridor on a gurney.

Blossom Bounce by virginia fleck

High Energy Pop-Up Prints for a Pediatric Floor

Location: NYU Langone Medical Center's Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York, NY

Blossom Bounce was commissioned via Kenise Barnes Fine Art for the pediatric in-patient unit of the NYU Langone Medical Center's Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City. The artwork was design to be engaging and stimulating for the pediatric in-patients. Blossom Bounce consists of over 100 die-cut laminated prints arranged on three feature walls and a PT room. The brightly colored imagery on each print is derived from artwork made from recycled plastic bags and wrappers. The resulting artworks reveal the hidden beauty of the overlooked, disposable materials that continually pass through our hands. Color, light and pattern are employed in ways that engage the viewer and energize the space. The choice of everyday materials— the ubiquitous plastic bag—is a celebration and elevation of common things, inviting us to re-frame the ordinary and to see the potential for the extraordinary all around us. These die-cut, archival prints are flush mounted, touchable, permanently sealed and virtually unbreakable.

Enchanted Vine by virginia fleck

Pop-Up Prints for a Family Waiting Room

Location: University Health System Sky Tower, San Antonio, TX

Enchanted Vine is a custom grouping of 24 Pop-Up Prints installed on a long wall, across from an open-concept, family waiting area. Happy Wall Design created these brightly colored Pop-Up Prints from up-cycled plastic bags and wrappers! Engaging colors and patterns energize the walls and engage viewers young and old. Enchanted Vine is flush-mounted, touchable, permanently sealed and virtually unbreakable.