Reflect and Resound / by virginia fleck

Sensory Play Sculptures for a Daycare

Location: Austin Shelter for Women and Children, Austin, TX

Sometimes we make Happy Playgrounds! This project was in collaboration with Virginia Fleck Studio. Reflect and Resound are a pair of sensory play-house sculptures located at a women and children’s shelter. Reflect is a walk-in kaleidoscope that engages each child to discover their own reflection as a mandala. Resound is a sound-hood that invites children to make and listen for sounds from nearby child height jewel-flowers or listen for birdsong from the 10ft. jewel-flower that reaches up into the canopy of an oak tree. With Reflect and Resound, we made a place for children to create an extraordinary experience with their bodies through their own ordinary movements and sounds. (photo credit: Philip Rogers Photography)

FYI: Happy Wall Design makes Sensory Play Sculptures and Playhouses for indoor and outdoor environments that meet the unique criteria of healthcare/institutional settings.